The National Mouse Archive, provides searchable access to:

  • Mouse strains available from the The National Mouse Archive (formally known as FESA)
  • Strains held at Harwell on behalf of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA)
  • Resources generated from specific projects like the MRC's Genome Engineering Mice for Medicine (GEMM), the IMPC, the Harwell Aging Screen, data on imprinting genes and other resources
  • Mouse stocks may be held as either live mice or frozen materials and can be ordered directly from the The National Archive portal by clicking the "Contact To Order" buttons on the various search and stock pages.

The National Mouse Archive integrates curated information from the Mary Lyon Centre and from external depositors/data resources, to provide added value to the user.

The National Mouse Archive can be browsed by catalogue or by using an intuitive Google-style search engine. Your searches can be restricted by content-type to genes, variants, imprinting genes or regions and stocks. Alternatively, you can find items in the database by searching for gene names, key words or ontology terms.